Superior Flexible Power FINS "PLUS"

With this yet new discovery, and its innovation, we know this project will impact the Maritime Industry more than older established standard products like Trim-Tabs and Stabilizers, and even new innovations like Air Cushioning and/or Bubbles and such, which were and stay included within our yet new Patent Application.

Superior Hulls Design
A yet most advanced new hulls design

After centuries of innovations in hulls design and construction, it is surprising that in fact a new innovation can make its impact on the skeptic people in the maritime industry, but as we do have a yet new tested and proven original discovery which is not yet known and not yet understood by the industry, we know it is important that we find the suitable commercial partner in the industry, so it is developed beyond what we can do as a yet small private company.

Superior Flexible Power Fins

This is the first products' line we shall introduce into the Maritime Industry
Here are some explanations plus pictures of our private testing.

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