Because international practice and regulations in the Maritime industry which are aimed to facilitate profitable world trade, and also to serve ship owners — the results can and do present significant obstacles to the healthier evolution of new positive and discovery based new maritime technologies by new developers who are seeking to protect their intellectual property through patents. the result is ignoring new technologies and strong piracy of ones which are developed against the arrogance of industry leaders.

We are employing yet new wisdom, knowing these problems exist, as our intent is to protect our partners in the Maritime industry.

The intention of the lawmakers is that national patent rights should not hinder international trade or travel, and courts have chosen to interpret the laws so too generally not allowed the enforcement of patent rights against foreign ships. One popular way is implemented through the use of “open ship registries” where ships operate outside the “state flag” territory, it is possible for shipowners to avoid patent rights altogether. As a result, the technology developer/owner has very limited means for preventing unauthorized use of his/corporate invention on ships operating in international water — based on the weakness of the current international legal framework. At this time patent protection can be effective in registries with major ports, such as USA, EU, China, and Singapore. Another way, is blunt infringement, and/or any of the many other innovated copycat pirate ways to gain access to new successful innovation/technology.
For protection of yet new original valued technologies, one preferred option is to prevent unauthorized manufacturing and sale of the invention through patenting in major shipbuilding countries. This option can be effective for inventions where major components or services are supplied at the shipyard, such as the new hull design, and additional specialized Fins as in our add-on technology which more than meet future emissions legislation, achieve reductions in resistance to hull-speed, increases energy efficiency, and advance performance plus safety.

  1. Prepartner for proper Global Protection:
    Superior Hulls Inc., is a small private company which can not serve the Global Maritime Industry with the technology, and because the best interests for the Maritime Industry are that a well established corporation will offer the technology to all ship -owners, shipbuilders, designers as well as all boating industry markets — we know that a reliable project partner will deliver what is best for the safe profitable project through the directors and managers to the shipyards and boating manufacturing and boatyards, at attractive profitable terms to all industry subcontractors and mostly potential competitors. We also know and trust, that the suitable reliable partner with in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry will be capable of adding to the critical and unique challenges are presented to ensure a more successful project than we can manage, alone. 
    In an ever-changing, demanding industry, partners with in-depth local knowledge and global expertise and availability can be pivotal to success for boating and shipping, in Maritime Manufacturing, Boatyards and Shipyards and their project managers running new-build and refit projects, including the defense sector in particular.
    We need to have partners that are willing to accept the challenge and deliver our proven solutions as part of a yet new technology and science that satisfy also the special needs of Naval military projects — but mostly the real vast market of existing as well as future boats, vessels and ships, worldwide.
  2. Keep trade-secrets of discovery:
    By keeping others from understanding how we had successfully developed the new capability, it will be more difficult to infringe on what we take to market, and our more advanced know-how will enable us to introduce more advanced versions of our design and product lines the competition will be able to see.


Retired, yet working inventor, developer, businessman.


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