Defense industry also has special military advantages

The Special Defense Advantage Capabilities, include:

  • Additional lifting capability without loss of performance, even with load changes,
  • No interfering Spray while chasing an escaping boat, grants clear view at all times,
  • Extremely Stable Fighting Platform, at all speeds, assisting best targeting,
  • Acoustic-Silencing and Reduced Surface-Signature,
  • Effective Shock Mitigation, for most comfortable ride,
  • Much improved Strategic Maneuvering at all speeds including new top speeds,
  • All these, for all and any size Watercraft, as small as boats or as large as Aircraft Carriers,
  • – also including large or small Seaplanes.

The special superior horizontal performance capabilities for fast combat crafts and ships, also is special advantage where landing and takeoff of air-crafts is of vital importance for operational safety of operators and equipment and the ship itself.