Making Boats Lift & Fly on top of the water

There are few new advantages gained by adding the automated flexible fins.

We list all on the page on The Opportunity.

boat plows
Standard Planning Boats Plow through the water, as you can see in the picture above, and can not lift to fly over water, regardless of how much power is employed.
Boat Flys
With our simplified, mechanically automated Flexible Power Fins product, Upgraded Planning Boats can be lifted to Fly over the water. Note, only the “Rooster Tail” is seen on the lifted boat.
The simplified mechanically automated “Flexible Power Fins” cancels the wave-making and skin friction, drag resistance and alike and lifts the boat, vessel, yacht to run on its keel without the wave-making/(plowing) and drag plus skin frictions.
Also, as boaters pay dearly for useful internal space on the boat/yacht, with superior hulls’ advantageous design, you get both benefits of superior performance plus maximum internal space, without any sacrificed losses.

For Racing, the advantage is first much improved performance Safety and secondly better comfort ride with better winning capability. Because the boat lifts not by power-trim, runs horizontally at all times, and able to turn faster/sharper, your vision is also improved as you run over the surface as “Superior Surface Skimmer”.

The old traditional “power-trim” way to run